Meet The Bostonites


Hello, my name is Shelly!  I’m currently attending college full-time majoring in Elementary Education.  When I’m not in class or studying, I’m usually working like most people.  I’m a Nursery Supervisor, Artist, Bartender, Care-giver, Admin Assistant, and Dog walker.  🙂  I am also married to a wonderful husband!

Fun facts about me:  I’m a news junkie, movie buff, love the beach,  enjoys politics,  and my weakness is designer handbags.

ScarlettMy name is Scarlett,  and I’m pursuing my Masters Degree in the education field.  I am an opinionated person, who critically thinks about life.  However, that doesn’t mean I take life seriously all the time.

 Fun facts about me: I love to bake, eat mexican food, play video games, read, and spend time with my family.


Hi everyone!  My name is Chanty, and I work in the dentistry field.  Currently I’m engaged to an amazing man, and have just recently started the planning process.  My hope is that I will be able to share my wonderful and probably some times stressful process with you all, in addition to other aspects of life.

Fun facts about me: I love animals, being active, traveling when the opportunity presents itself, and enjoys the night time city life.


HI! My name is Corinne; I’m currently a live-in nanny in the greater Boston area. I’m also a full-time college student striving towards a degree in Human Services. I’m a very determined person with an amazing work ethic. I tend to set high standards for myself and am very focused on my future goals. When I’m not working I love exploring the city with friends or just enjoy a weekend home with my family.

Fun facts about me: I was homeschooled, I have a pet potbelly pig that lives in my house and her name is Barbie Q! (Despite the name she will not be someone’s BBQ dinner) I have a huge passion for traveling the world, volunteering, and making a difference in my community back home.


Hello to all of you wonderful people!  My name is Hope, and even though I am not that old, I like to think of myself as an “old soul” as my friends like to tell me that.  🙂    Even though I may be more of a “homebody” I enjoy going out on occasion especially when it comes to dining in the city.  Even though there some things about me where I am “old school”, I’m overall an open-minded person.  Currently I work in office in Boston.

Fun facts about me: I’m a lover of nature (especially the ocean), enjoys scary movies,  my favorite food is pizza, and I thrive off life working out!