A Moment of Reflection – By: Hope

The trial for the marathon bombings has begun. They have reporters in the court room live tweeting and it is up on Yahoo. I have been watching and reading what is being said, refreshing the page every few minutes if new information is not put up. As I read what the reporters are posting, I think back to what I was doing on that day. I was doing what I had done every year, go to a friends place who was right on the route and start partying at 8 AM. I was outside all day, eating grilled food and chatting with neighbors and friends. We hadn’t known about the bombs right away it took a few minutes when everyone’s phones started going off and someone came outside from the house and told us. I have some family and friends that live out of state and they called me, asking if I was ok, where I was, stuff like that. It didn’t really sink in until that night and the following days when the city of Boston was on lock down.

I read these posts, even as I’m writing this and think, what the hell? In our city? Stuff like this happens in other places but not here. The testimony that has been given thus far is gruesome. Some victims have picture and video of the scene right after the 1st bomb went off. Heart wrenching to say the least. One woman said the blast was so severe that her teeth shifted and she lost two of them. I can’t even imagine what any of those poor people have gone through and are still going through. Thank God they are here, a testiment to not giving up and pushing through even when times are grim. One thing that has stuck out to me is that the defense, from the opening statement, has said that he is guilty and he did it but they want to jury to have open hearts and open minds. Those are two tough things to have.

I have a good friends who knew of the victims that died- knew her very well. Some of the testimony that I just read was about someone finding her after the first bomb went off. Her friend who was with her testfied yesterday. What a terrible thing to have to carry around with you–all of these victims have to carry this around. I am somewhat as a loss for words….

I guess my point is, somewhat long winded (which they always are), is that to wake up each morning and be thankful that you are here. Be thankful you have what you have because in a moments flash, it could be taken away. Thank your family and loved ones for being there, even if you don’t see them or talk to them often. Make the time, it won’t be something you regret.

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies of this blog, you are all great and doing big things for the world.

“There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, Morrel, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.
” Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget, that until the day God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words, ‘Wait and Hope.”
― Alexandre Dumas

Boston Strong <3

Boston Strong ❤


Simple, Yet Complex – By: Hope

So I’m reading this book, “The Devil In the White City”–yes I know, it came out like lifetimes ago but, something you must know about me is that I am not on the ball with stuff and I am not into trends.  I think the fact that I am blogging is probably the only thing I do that is up to speed with the world.  Anyway, this book is really good.  I started reading it when I was on vacation–in January–and just picked it back up.  If anyone isn’t familiar with it, it is a dual story about the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893 and the first documented U.S. serial killer, H.H. Holmes.  There is a lot of history about architecture, including someone from Boston, and also about what was going on in the states at that time.  It’s very interesting!  It took me a little time to get over the architecture stuff because I am more interested in Herman Mudget AKA: H.H. Holmes.  Serial killers, murderers, horror stories, ghosts–that it is my cup of tea. That is where my biggest interest lies.  I was really excited when my boyfriend told me that this book was about him (Holmes)–of course I had no idea because, again, I am not up with the world.  Any who, I started reading more and more, and now I’m having trouble putting it down!

He was a very smart and good looking.  He used the World’s Fair to attract people, mainly women, to this extravagant hotel that he built.  He covered all his bounds so he wouldn’t get caught, but what I find amazing, is that someone had that thought process in 1890!  He knew he had to have a room in the basement of his hotel to “take care of business”, he knew he needed sound proof walls, he knew he needed to build a kiln that would trap the smell of burning bodies.  It amazes me that someone could be that evil, first of all, but also be that smart back in the day.  Nowadays with technology and all the media thrown in our face, I could see someone covering their tracks like that but not over 100 years ago.  It’s so intriguing and interesting, especially because there is real history involved.

I love stories about dark stuff but adversely, I love, love, love, Dr. Seuss.  I think my favorite is “The Lorax” and I have different reasons for that.  First of all, the simplicity of children’s stories are great, you don’t have to think to hard about what is going on.  Secondly, even though you don’t have to think hard, there is always a hidden meaning behind what is actually written.  I think Dr. Seuss embodies that more so than other children’s authors.  “The Lorax” is a story about what happens if you destroy nature and the repercussions of those actions.  Even though the story was written for young children, it is a message that people of all ages need to see.  As you can see, I am a simple person, it does not take much to get me upset or excited about something I am passionate about.  I get a little more, touchy when it comes to things that truly affect my inner being like family, friends, faith, and nature.  If any of those things are threatened or questioned, expect my horns to come out.

I decided that I am going to end with a quote from now on, and because I talked about my favorite author and story, I thought it appropriate to quote the little orange creature himself.

“Look, Lorax, calm down. There’s no cause for alarm. I chopped just one tree, I’m doing no harm. This thing is most useful! This thing is a “thneed.” A theed, a fine something-that-all-people-need! It’s a shirt. It’s a sock. It’s a glove! It’s a hat! But it has other uses, yes, far beyond that. You can use it for carpets, for pillows, for sheets, for curtains! Or covers for bicycle seats!” -Onceler

“Sir, you’re crazy. You’re crazy with greed.  There’s no one on earth the would buy that fool thneed.”

And another for good measure-not by the Lorax, but a poignant point none the less.

“A thought, about what, about something I ought?”

“Well, a thought about something that somebody ought. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothings going to get better, it’s not.”

“They say I’m old fashioned and live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses fast!”

I guess I picked these for obvious reasons- I am not going to spell them out because that would defeat the point.  🙂

Be safe all, stay warm and keep smiling!

Spring, 30 Days and Counting! – By: Hope

I have to say, living in a snow tundra is not at all fun HOWEVER, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is getting brighter and brighter each day–literally because the days are getting longer  :).

My favorite two seasons are coming up, spring and summer.  The refreshing spring air is like a life renewing breath to the tree’s, grass, and flowers.  You just feel better when the weather gets better and then you get to play in the mud!!  Of course, going to the beach in the summer is always the best, the “bee’s knee’s” as I like to put it.

Before I can start playing outside, I have an event coming up with my family in a couple weeks that I am really looking forward too.  I am an auntie of 2 nephews and 2 nieces, all different ages, 2 are brother and sister.  Being an aunt is by far one of the greatest feelings in the world-I suppose next to being a parent, but seeing as I can’t make that comparison I will stick to my original thought.

My oldest nephew is 17 (Holy crap) and I held him the day he was born.  Now he’s super tall (taller than me I’m 5’3), smart, driven teenager with a freakin’ license.  Boggles my mind to think how fast times flies the older you get.  My niece, his sister, is a few years younger and she’s a spitfire.  She’s got the typical teenage girl attitude, talks back, and mouths off.  She is into horseback riding and has competed on many different occasions and she’s really good. Unfortunately, one nephew lives in the Midwest and I do not see him often.  He is younger, 11, also a typical youngen.  He likes all different kinds of sports and is very involved with those things.  My youngest niece just started kindergarten, holy crap, again.  She loves Frozen and is such a little girly girl-she cracks me up.  She’s also the only one who actually calls me “Auntie”; everyone else just calls me by my name.

Anyway, I got sidetracked with my family.  My oldest nephew is also in the marching band and they have a fundraiser every year at a hotel in his hometown.  It’s super fun; you get dressed up, have dinner and drinks and dance.  I’m really looking forward to it because I haven’t seen everyone in a while and it will be fun.  Hopefully the weather will hold out and be ok.

I guess talking about my 2 favorite seasons was a good segway to discuss another favorite-my family.

No More Snow! – By: Hope

I can’t believe how much snow hit us this week, and there is more on the way! TIME TO MOVE TO A WARM PLACE!! Growing up, snow days were obviously the best! Nothing like, playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, and having no school.  At times unfortunately for me, I was stuck doing a fair portion of the shoveling.  I think that left a very bad taste in my mouth about the snow.  One of my parents was also never home do to their job so that made me dislike it all the more.  Then, when you are all grown up and you have to drive in it and go to work–yuck.  I should really try and find an outdoor activity that I would enjoy but I HATE being cold–this is something fairly new for me.

I started doing Bikram yoga about 4 years ago and ever since then I have not been able to tolerate temperatures below like 60.  Bikram yoga is amazing- the room is heated to 105 degrees and the humidity is set to 40%.  Some days it can be really juicy in there-for lack of a better way to describe it.  Other days, it’s not as bad. Anyone that does Bikram yoga has to DRINK LOTS OF WATER, TO STAY HYDRATED!  But this is why I hate the cold, and I have an immense love for the heat.

When I found out that I wouldn’t have to go to work Tuesday, I was pretty stoked.  I wanted to stay up late on Monday night to see if I could catch some thunder-snow in action, but that went out the window when I finished a bottle of wine and hit the pillow at like 11:30.  I wanted to get up fairly early as well on Tuesday because my boyfriend and I FINALLY HAD A DAY OFF TOGETHER!!  I did get up early-like 9:30.  I’m up at 5:45 every day so honestly, sleeping until 7:30-8 is a huge treat.  I made some coffee and looked out the door and my jaw dropped.  I hadn’t seen that much snow in a while.  All I could think of was “I need to clean my car off now so I don’t have to deal with it later.”  Nope, didn’t do that but I did manage to at least get some laundry and cleaning done.  Car cleaning and shoveling came later when the wind finally died down.  Eh, so much damn snow I almost cried.  I wish that I had brought my other bottle of wine with me to at least help me stay warm while I hauled 2 feet of snow off my car!

All complaining aside, it was nice to have a “freebie” day off to spend time with my man, and the feline. It was a great day overall.  We played Sorry and I won twice! Damn straight!  We had long conversations about life, childhood, pets, etc. We usually don’t have the time for just chit chat, it’s usually about something more specific- what to have for dinner, how the day went, stuff like that.  I do still stand to my original point, even though it was awesome to have the day off…TIME TO MOVE TO SUNNY, WARM DAYS!!  🙂

Vaca In Paradise, Then Back To Reality – By: Hope

Life is full of experiences-good, bad and different.  One good, great, experience for me happened right after New Years. I went to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  I was, surrounded by palm trees, the ocean, and little lizards (sometimes big ones too).  The sun felt so wonderful on my pasty pale bones, and it gave me a feeling that I had almost forgotten in these last few cold, barren months.  The smell and feel of the ocean was indescribable.


Growing up here outside of Boston, I am absolutely not used to the warm ocean water. My idea of ocean temp is maybe like 45 degrees on a hot day? Yeah, THIS ocean water was nothing close to that.  The smell was something else.  The ocean is one of the most important pieces of nature.  If it weren’t for the ocean, everything would be out of alignment.  I have a serious respect for it, and love it.  I would close my eyes and inhale deeply and listen. Usually I would be transformed to a place like where I was but thankfully, I was already there! I opened my eyes and felt at peace.

Another very important part is the wildlife and the vegetation.  I couldn’t count on my fingers and toes all the different kinds of palm-trees, spruce-trees, and so many others, and regular trees there would be.  I stopped on so many different occasions to just look at the leaves, and the bark.  Oh yeah, and avocado trees in the side yard-pretty damn sweet. Some of them were huge! Oh and the birds, oh yeah they were beautiful!! Also, noisy. 🙂  I spent about 30 minutes one day trying to catch the lizards climbing up the trees. Unfortunately, I was most unsuccessful but I feel good that I at least gave it a shot.


The food is a very, VERY serious thing.  There was fresh fruit every morning, coffee, and orange juice.  Then came the bacon, and eggs! Who could ask for anything better, seriously? Breakfast was followed by a brief time of digestion and then a quick golf cart ride to the gym.  Such a great feeling to work up a sweat, knowing that I would be wearing a bathing suit for the rest of the day. The more I could sweat, the better it would make me feel. Mentally anyway…

Some experiences are not always so good. Upon coming home from this paradise of beach and cigars, the cold was a slap in the face. Then I had a pipe burst in my building, and our apartment was a huge mess-holes. Especially in the ceiling, and walls. To top it off, the cat found a freaking mouse and literally held it in her little paws and just played with it.  We were not able to catch him and who knows now where he is, hopefully out!  I had to keep thinking about how good everything was the week prior to keep me from screaming.

Going back to work-a very different experience after being off for 10 days.  It made me think about what I truly want out of life.  I would place this in the different experience category because I did not feel the same way about my day-to-day life after vacation, I felt different.  Vacation should be a relaxing time and it absolutely was. It was also eye opening.  It made me think about different aspects about my life. What I want and what I need. Life truly has its moments.