The Wedding Mayhem Begins – By: Chanty

ChantyLittle by little we are getting closer to our wedding. I can’t believe that another month is down. We have accomplished some tasks and started chipping away at others. First things first, I set up a money saving challenge to help with some of the wedding cost. I found it on Pinterest, called the 52 a week money saving challenge. So far I have been doing well with it. One thing that I have been slacking on is sad to say my working-out plan. I was doing p90x, which I love. I completed the first training block, which at first kicked my butt, but I could already see some results. For example the AB ripper X video I couldn’t survive, but as time went on I could almost do the whole thing. But coming into the second month, or training block, was when all the snow came. My body was so sore from all the shoveling I couldn’t imagine how sore I would be with doing the p90x on top of that. So instead of the p90x work out, I got the New Englander one instead. With that being said come March, I am going to be starting over again with the p90x. Unlike last time, I did the classic which is more strength training I am going to do the lean which is more cardio based. I am also doing to do a teatox that I do occasionally from Matefit.


This past month I did accomplish getting everyone’s address. I also received my save the dates. I decided to do a postcard style. This part was a little stressful for me because once again due to the snow the save the dates came in over a week late. I was able to send them out in the beginning of the week. One by one I have been receiving messages describing how happy and exciting they are. I was able to get that checked on my list. I also made a Facebook group made up of my entire bridal party so we would have a better way to communicate amongst each other.

Save the Date

Now on to the tasks I have been starting. This weekend we have set up an appointment with a florist to get ideas of flower arrangements and prices. The florist is actually my fiancé’s cousin, which will make this experience that more meaningful. Another thing we started to research and price around is photographers. This is one of the more expensive vendors, but in my opinion the most important. Everyone always needs their special day to me remembered, and what better way then to have an album with all the pictures of all the moments. Another thing, which like Shelly explained, the holy grail of the wedding, MY DRESS. Although I have only begun looking online, I plan on making appointments next month to begin that process.


Ice Dams – By: Chanty

ChantyI don’t know about anyone else in Massachusetts, but I am done with winter. These past couple weeks have been crazy! It’s been hectic trying to get to work and that is if my patients are crazy enough to risk their lives for a teeth cleaning. I mean I do I do appreciate the dedication to their oral health, but please stay warm at home. This past week was eventful to say the least. I turn on the news every morning and lately it’s been about how many roofs are collapsing. I never thought that I would be close to being in one of those situations. Well I walk into work Tuesday and one of the operatory floors is soaked. This is normal for this room to get flooded at times because that side of the office has French drains, with especially with all the snow occasionally gets backed up. So as we were vacuuming up the water my coworker and I notice it is not coming from the floor at all. The ceiling had quite a steady drip of water coming. So needless to say we made a bunch if calls to various snow removal companies. We did get in touch with one guy and luckily he was able to be at our office in an hour. As we waited for him we started canceling and rescheduling the patients for the day.

When the man came, he was in shock. He actually stated that is was the worst leak that he’s seen yet. As he went up on the roof check everything out, he said our problem was an ice dam. I could only think that on the news they said all the hardware stores were out of the ice dam melt stuff. The man was about to get rid of most of the snow. There was 6 inches of water around the ice dam. The man safely cleared the ice dam out and we were able to open the office back up on Thursday.

Ice Dam

With us getting possibly an inch and a half of rain in some areas on Sunday, the water will add more weight onto the snow on everyone’s roofs I have attached a video of just how much water adds to the weight of snow. Be very careful to all my followers (for those that live in Mass). If you are unable to clear your own roof; we found our guy on Angie’s List, and always make sure they are insured for your safety.

Fox Boston Weather

A Career With Endless Learning – By: Chanty

ChantyAs some of you have may read in my bio, you are aware that I work in the dental field. I graduated from dental hygiene school in 2011. I get asked frequently why I decided to become a dental hygienist, and to be quite honest I do not really know what made me come to that decision. I just got it in my head one day and ended up loving it. I am extremely grateful that I found a career that I love. Some people think I am crazy for loving being in people’s mouths everyday. But honestly I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

My job just isn’t cleaning people’s teeth every 6 months. During 45 minutes to an 1hr  appointment, we are nonstop assessing your health from everything to oral cancer, such as possible areas of cavities, to gum disease. Most people don’t understand this, but your oral health is one key to your overall health. There are multiple health conditions that have been linked to poor oral health, for example heart disease. The same plague that forms on your teeth throughout the course of the day is the same plague that lines your arteries which lead to your heart and gets trapped there. Another example is gum disease and diabetes, when your sugar levels are not regulated believe it or not it takes a toll on your gums causing inflammation which progresses to gum disease or periodontal disease.

One of the many reasons I take pride in my work is my job involves endless learning to ensure each of my patients get the proper care. Just like any medical profession in order to keep my license I need to maintain a certain amount of continuing education courses. Today I attended a convention in which I took one of these continuing education courses. The course I attended was geared to a new technology to help treat periodontal disease. This technology is a certain type of a laser called a diode. This diode laser has different settings which vary from a patient with a slight case of gum disease who only needs the bacteria disinfected beneath their gums; to a patient with a case of severe periodontal disease who needs the disinfection of the bacteria and removal of the diseased tissue underneath their gums.

Today was mainly a lecture about all different cases and practicing with the laser itself. I love learning the technique hands on. Today my patient was a lovely pig jaw. It was very interesting to be able to utilize this new laser and learn about it. I intend to use this knowledge that I learned today to help improve the health of my future patients. Like I said this career, along with multiple health careers is endless learning. It is not for everyone but I find it rewarding.

Myself on the left, pig's jaw on the right.

Myself on the left, pig’s jaw on the right.

Major Purchases – By: Chanty

ChantyUnfortunately, we know everything does not last forever. My fiancé had recently realized this. His very first car that he had since he was 18, was starting to die on him. His dashboard was even starting to light up like a Christmas tree! We have all been in the predicament where of course we would love a new car, but that means going through monthly payments once again. We came to the realization though that we needed to start looking for a newer car. It was a necessity, just in case if the car did die. It was more important to us to be a step-ahead and not be blind-sided.

As you may have read in my first blog we also have our own apartment, which means we had to go through our budget. We ran all the numbers and came up with a price range that we were comfortable with. We shopped around through multiple dealerships. Can I just say that the prices of brand new cars are getting to be ridiculous? The only way we could get the price range we wanted was to lease and we both decided that was not the route we wanted to go.

So after being discouraged from the bigger dealership, one day on our way home we decided to stop at a little pre-owned dealership. The people were extremely helpful. My fiancé’s eye was caught by a Dodge Durango. After what it seemed like hours of paperwork and them making phone calls, we got approve for a loan! We were not allowed to take the SUV home that day, but it was as good as ours. We picked up the SUV a couple days later just in time for the blizzard of 2015.

It was a little sad to leave the Mazda behind. It was one of the vehicles that helped us move into our first place. It had a more of an affect on my fiancé since it was the only car he has had. Having a newer vehicle though definitely puts my mind at ease, because my fiancé needs a reliable transportation too work. The Durango is an all wheel drive and he had absolutely had no problems getting to and coming home from work during the blizzard. This was by far a great learning experience and this is just the beginning of our major purchases.

My fiancé's Mazda.  His very first car.

My fiancé’s Mazda. His very first car.

A Winter Wonderland Dream! – By: Chanty

ChantyLast Saturday we were planning on getting some wedding errands done like flower arrangement ideas, dinner, and where the wedding reception would be taking place. However, the snow unfortunately kind of compromised those ideas of making those wedding decisions. So my fiancé and I decided that we wouldn’t let the weather dampen our spirits! Over the weekend we decided to get another wedding task accomplished instead! This task, in particular was one of the more exciting events! My fiancé and I finally got our engagement photos taken!

We were not expecting to take the photos, as it was very spontaneous! The photographer, who is also in my bridal party, was supposed to be in New Hampshire, except the weather ended up keeping her home.   This engagement shoot was a little tricky do to us wanting to stick to a winter wonderland theme, since our wedding is going to be in the winter of next year.   For a while us New Englanders hadn’t seen much snow this season, so the weather we had gave us a great opportunity to take advantage of our winter wonderland theme. Thankfully it was only a couple inches of snow, unlike yesterdays (Tuesday’s) 2-3 feet. The pictures came out fantastic!! I could not be anymore happy!! There was the right amount of snow to make it dreamy.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole engagement shoot even though; at some points it was very cold and wet. For the most part the weather was perfect! Not only that, but having one of my closest friends be our photographer was so special, and even more meaningful to be able to share this experience together. I could not be more thankful to her. I have posted the pictures on social media and so far everyone has loved them. It is neat to see everyone’s opinions, even though I was contemplating on keeping them a surprise until the save the dates. I was way too excited though to keep my mouth or I guess eyes closed, so I posted them! I have started looking around just getting ideas on the save the dates. Personally I like the whole magnet idea, just because it can be a keepsake. I have not quite decided though.

Engagment Photos

The Next Chapter – By: Chanty

ChantyMost girls dream when they are little of that one day we will remember for the rest of our lives, the day we get married.  From playing with Barbies in elementary school, playing MASH in middle school, too seeing how our names sounded with our crushes last name in high school.  Getting married is a different lifetime achievement that impacts our lives.  Little did I know that life is not all about that one wedding day, but it is about all the days that lead up to that special day.

My story begins in the summer of 2013 when I received a message from a guy that I haven’t heard from since high school.  Surprisingly, that man would change my life forever.  From the day we started talking we were inseparable.  In January of 2014 we decided to make things more serious, and got our first apartment together.  This was a stressful, scary, exciting time for us because neither of us has been on our own.  As every couple we had our ups and downs, but we learned from it, and grew stronger. Now, April 26, 2014 is a night I will never forget.  It was the night that we became engaged. It came as a complete shock.  I thought I was being sly since I figured out Corey’s plan of my surprise birthday party.  I was caught off guard when I slid the hotel room key in the door, and opened it to find the room surrounded with beautiful lit candles, and rose petals scattered.  As I looked up there was my future husband holding a bouquet of gorgeous flowers; I was dumbfounded!!  I was expecting a room full of my friends yelling surprise.


As I tried to get my head together and put the flowers down, which made me look like a pageant winner, I realized Corey was shaking.  That moment I said yes I knew nothing was going to be the same, for the better of course.  I knew that from that moment forward we were starting a new chapter of our lives.  Since that day in April we have set our date for our wedding and already picked the location of the ceremony, as well as the reception.  I just know that this chapter of my life is going to be so exciting, and I could not be happier!!!