Classification – By: Scarlett

ScarlettWell, I am pretty excited about a lesson plan I have been working on. This lesson plan is going to be video taped for my edTPA portfolio. edTPA is going to be a somewhat national way of certifying teachers. It’s kinda tough, but its better than my actual portfolio for the university I am at.

My lesson is on classification. I really like this lesson because it teaches students how to organize and classify things. We do this natural as humans. For instance, our society has a somewhat unofficial way of classifying acne. It’s weird, but we do; everyone hates the one that’s embedded in you skin, then the white head one, etc. The underlying basis of my lesson plan is to slowly show them the content, which are the 6 kingdoms (Archae/Eubacteria, Protista, Plants, Fungi, and Animals). First, I have the students as a team, sort through 24 pictures of furniture and group them. Then they look at birds, bats, and bees and decide how related they are. Then they watch a video showing them how those organisms live. The next part is notes on the proper classification system (Kingdom, Phylum, etc). This part is school because I walk the students step by step and show them how humans are classified and why. The last parts revolve around dichotomous keys which are a series of clues that help you identify an organism. First, I have them use a dichotomous key to classify a series of insects. I tried to pick really cool looking insects (6 legged bugs). The last part is they make their own dichotomous key but for the 6 kingdoms. A dichotomous key is a lot of fun to use, because it really helps students to synthesize the characteristics and organize them in such a way. There is a lot of embedded content I am not mentioning, but I think it’s going to be pretty cool. I also have embedded cockroach stories. The main reason why I am excited about this lesson is because the students are doing a lot of work, we call this student-centered learning. Also, these tasks ae clearly meaningful. Most of the stuff my mentor teacher does is notes and then a foldable. Her honors class I feel are in for a treat. I just hope they are up for a challenge and change. Organizing in your head is a big challenge for many people, I feel this lesson is very crucial. Hopefully, that transcends to them. Look out for an update in a couple weeks!!!!


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