Always Expect The Unexpected.. – By: Corinne

CorinneThe last few weeks for me have been chaotic and emotionally exhausting. So as this Friday rolled around I was so excited to spend the weekend relaxing, catching up on homework and finally getting to spend some quality time with my boyfriend; stress free!

Saturday morning I was able to catch up on some homework bright and early that I had procrastinated on for many nights. I visited a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and then the biggest treat of the weekend was going to the Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston with my boyfriend. Yes I dragged him along; maybe not his cup of tea but a great way to get out of the house and spend quality time together. We actually lasted longer than I had expected, we both really enjoyed ourselves and found the artwork to be captivating and very inspirational. The museum was a hit, super low key and fun.

Before I knew it it was Sunday, the last day to be completely lazy and unproductive before yet again another long work week. This was a day for strictly relaxing, absolutely no time for stress in my day! Netflix took over my life for pretty much all of the day and then had this great idea that I should venture out to the mall. So I got myself ready, ran out into the garage, bent down to tie my shoe and well here it comes, the unexpected! My nothing can bring me down, no stress attitude, was shattered within a blink of the eye. My cell phone had landed screen down on the cement. Hoping for the best I turn it over and sadly my stress free weekend becomes stressed to the max.

Now anyone who knows me knows very well I don’t have a great track record with cellular devices. I think within like 6 months once I had 4 cell phones. The phone that I dropped had been on its last leg anyway. I knew it would only take one more small incident like this to happen to really kill it for good. I was so stressed because I have a Maine cell phone carrier and the weekend was over, my work week was starting and I have no flexibility to take time off and there is no way I could be without a phone. Being that I live in Boston the closest store was in either New Hampshire or Maine. Now let’s keep in mind that it’s also Sunday and late afternoon already. Thank goodness the last time I was home I grabbed an old phone I had found. But to activate this phone I had to go into a store because I was too far away from one of my phone company’s towers. It was now 3:15 the closet store I found was in NH an hour and 20 minutes away. Great right? Well they closed at 5pm. There went my shopping trip and up went my blood pressure.

I know it’s just a cell phone, I get it. Under any other circumstances I could live without having a phone, no problem. But I am a nanny and having a phone is extremely necessary, I can’t do my job without one nor would it be safe. So I franticly leave my house having zero recollection of where my destination is actually located, but that’s where the car GPS came in handy for once. Super safe driving of course I somehow make it from my house to NH, 40 minutes before the store had closed. I was literally the most pathetic customer I’m sure they had seen all day if not all week. But they activated my old phone which is literally a dinosaur I can only make calls on it and it takes about minutes to send a text, but I seriously don’t care. I didn’t get a new phone because in a few weeks my upgrade is available and I rather wait to use it and go without a smart phone for a while.

I definitely learned many things from this experience today. First always listen to your Mother! Last time I was home she told me to purchase a new phone in anticipation of this happening. Of course me being me I thought I would be fine for a few weeks, I was wrong. Sorry mom if you’re reading this I should have listened! Secondly, I learned that we as humans rely WAY too much on technology! Because I had a cell phone I hadn’t remembered numbers that I needed, I had no idea as to where I was driving and I felt this huge anxiety of not having a phone in my hand. I now realize how crazy and ridiculous that is. Last but not least, always expect the unexpected. Not always will things go the exact way you’ve planned; things happen, that’s life. You find ways to work with what you got and try to stay as stress free as possible. It wasn’t the end of the world and I got through not having a phone for a few hours perfectly fine. I am sad that I had to say good-bye to the internet, GPS, Snapchat, Facebook and oh my gosh Trivia Crack. But this will be a good break; I can focus more on what really matters in my real life and not be consumed by the addicting virtual world.


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