The Wedding Mayhem Begins – By: Chanty

ChantyLittle by little we are getting closer to our wedding. I can’t believe that another month is down. We have accomplished some tasks and started chipping away at others. First things first, I set up a money saving challenge to help with some of the wedding cost. I found it on Pinterest, called the 52 a week money saving challenge. So far I have been doing well with it. One thing that I have been slacking on is sad to say my working-out plan. I was doing p90x, which I love. I completed the first training block, which at first kicked my butt, but I could already see some results. For example the AB ripper X video I couldn’t survive, but as time went on I could almost do the whole thing. But coming into the second month, or training block, was when all the snow came. My body was so sore from all the shoveling I couldn’t imagine how sore I would be with doing the p90x on top of that. So instead of the p90x work out, I got the New Englander one instead. With that being said come March, I am going to be starting over again with the p90x. Unlike last time, I did the classic which is more strength training I am going to do the lean which is more cardio based. I am also doing to do a teatox that I do occasionally from Matefit.


This past month I did accomplish getting everyone’s address. I also received my save the dates. I decided to do a postcard style. This part was a little stressful for me because once again due to the snow the save the dates came in over a week late. I was able to send them out in the beginning of the week. One by one I have been receiving messages describing how happy and exciting they are. I was able to get that checked on my list. I also made a Facebook group made up of my entire bridal party so we would have a better way to communicate amongst each other.

Save the Date

Now on to the tasks I have been starting. This weekend we have set up an appointment with a florist to get ideas of flower arrangements and prices. The florist is actually my fiancé’s cousin, which will make this experience that more meaningful. Another thing we started to research and price around is photographers. This is one of the more expensive vendors, but in my opinion the most important. Everyone always needs their special day to me remembered, and what better way then to have an album with all the pictures of all the moments. Another thing, which like Shelly explained, the holy grail of the wedding, MY DRESS. Although I have only begun looking online, I plan on making appointments next month to begin that process.


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