Transgender’s – By: Shelly

Shelly3I just recently wrote a paper for my sociology class which focuses on race and ethnics.  Each of us had to write a “current reflection paper” that is focusing on today’s current issues.  I chose to write about Bruce Jenner and his transition to becoming a woman. I received a an A for my paper and I would like to share my article with you all.  I hope that whoever reads this, will be able to take away something valuable. 

According to the “The Boston Herald” former Olympian Bruce Jenner has slowly and recently has revealed through small changes that he is a transgender. In recent months small, but noticeable changes has occurred with Bruce. Bruce has been seen with nail polish on his nails, longer hair, had plastic surgery to shave down his Adams apple, and is occasionally wearing a sports bra. Bruce has revealed to his family about his personal change. It took time though for them to come around, because some of the children had felt initially embarrassed. Once tabloids though started shedding negative light on Bruce’s transformation the family grew a stronger bond. The only person who may not be so supportive of Bruce is his ex-wife Kris Jenner.

In my opinion I believe that if Bruce or anyone for that matter wants to dress as a woman/man, become a woman/man, he/she should have the right too. I think it’s hard for people to wrap their minds about why anyone would choose this lifestyle if that person isn’t in their shoes. For a long time now there has been a transgender community, but often times I feel as though they are over-looked. I remember two years ago when there was a Macy’s day parade on Thanksgiving. They had a segment of transgender’s dressed up where they were dancing and singing. Shortly after people on Facebook had been leaving Macy’s comments about how they were disgusted that Macy’s would have transgender people. There was a lot of: “How am I going to explain to my child what we just saw?” I thought: “Wow society can be cruel.”

In my last Sociology class we had an assignment where we had too “deviate from the norm”. One classmate knew a transgender couple that lived next door from him. For his project he hung out with them. They went shopping for women’s clothes (where people gave him strange looks), and later when they went out to a club in Boston where he dressed up as a woman. He said that there were people that called him a “fag”, a long with other slurs. He thought the Transgender couple he knew were really nice, and didn’t deserve to be treated in-humanely.

With Bruce being a high-profiled celebrity he has a real opportunity to shed positive light on the transgender community. According to “The Boston Herald” he has an interview coming up on the Today Show, and there is rumors that there will be a reality T.V. show where he will talk about his transformation. I think if society kind of has a window to really hear from someone what their journey is like, and that transgender are still people, just with different interests, people in society may become more open with the idea, and not so harsh. As time has gone on people have been more openly accepted to people who are gay, so I think those that do transition to be transgender has an opportunity to be more accepted with Bruce talking about this more on a National level.


2 thoughts on “Transgender’s – By: Shelly

  1. Gemini,Trans says:

    Great read and sincere kudos for adressing the issue and showing your support. One minor point is that a person may choose to transition, however they do not choose to be transgender, at least I certainly didn’t. Truly though thank you for helping to shed light on this subject.


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