Ice Dams – By: Chanty

ChantyI don’t know about anyone else in Massachusetts, but I am done with winter. These past couple weeks have been crazy! It’s been hectic trying to get to work and that is if my patients are crazy enough to risk their lives for a teeth cleaning. I mean I do I do appreciate the dedication to their oral health, but please stay warm at home. This past week was eventful to say the least. I turn on the news every morning and lately it’s been about how many roofs are collapsing. I never thought that I would be close to being in one of those situations. Well I walk into work Tuesday and one of the operatory floors is soaked. This is normal for this room to get flooded at times because that side of the office has French drains, with especially with all the snow occasionally gets backed up. So as we were vacuuming up the water my coworker and I notice it is not coming from the floor at all. The ceiling had quite a steady drip of water coming. So needless to say we made a bunch if calls to various snow removal companies. We did get in touch with one guy and luckily he was able to be at our office in an hour. As we waited for him we started canceling and rescheduling the patients for the day.

When the man came, he was in shock. He actually stated that is was the worst leak that he’s seen yet. As he went up on the roof check everything out, he said our problem was an ice dam. I could only think that on the news they said all the hardware stores were out of the ice dam melt stuff. The man was about to get rid of most of the snow. There was 6 inches of water around the ice dam. The man safely cleared the ice dam out and we were able to open the office back up on Thursday.

Ice Dam

With us getting possibly an inch and a half of rain in some areas on Sunday, the water will add more weight onto the snow on everyone’s roofs I have attached a video of just how much water adds to the weight of snow. Be very careful to all my followers (for those that live in Mass). If you are unable to clear your own roof; we found our guy on Angie’s List, and always make sure they are insured for your safety.

Fox Boston Weather


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