Valentine’s and Monet – By: Shelly

Shelly3I hope everyone had a nice-relaxing Valentine’s Day! This year my husband and I celebrated a day early because I was working on V-day (my choice). This year is our second Valentine’s Day as a married couple. We kept it real simple though. He was super sweet, and he got me some pink roses, and took me to this restaurant called “The Cottage” which happens to be beach themed. I got lobster fettuccini and he got some type of steak cut with mashed potatoes and steamed carrots. It was like all the ingredients of beef stew but solid obviously.   It’s just nice to spend time with the person you love and care about, even if it’s just with friends too.

This past Saturday, I had a blast teaching a class how to paint Monet’s Lilies. It was a small class of 12. I think mostly because of yet another snowstorm we had this past weekend. Anyhow, it was a pretty fun and was a laid back class! Everyone was nice. My friend and his girlfriend came, which I thought was awesome!

Every time I teach an adult class though I always get nervous. Mainly because every painting I teach is different, but it’s giving out the instructions on each step to do. Naturally I’m a people pleaser, so I want to make sure everyone is happy. People who come to paint tell me though I always do a great job explaining and helping. One customer told me that she had come a few times and that I was the best instructor they ever had. It made me felt really good because I always strive for the best and give my 100%. My co-workers though are really amazing painters. Most of them have a natural talent for it. I definitely learned some great techniques from them. Of course I practice each painting before I teach it, if I haven’t done it before. I always tell my class that painting is just like handwriting, we all look at the same letters, but we write them differently, and the same goes for art. It’s your own personality on the canvas.

Here are some pictures from this weekend!




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