Major Purchases – By: Chanty

ChantyUnfortunately, we know everything does not last forever. My fiancé had recently realized this. His very first car that he had since he was 18, was starting to die on him. His dashboard was even starting to light up like a Christmas tree! We have all been in the predicament where of course we would love a new car, but that means going through monthly payments once again. We came to the realization though that we needed to start looking for a newer car. It was a necessity, just in case if the car did die. It was more important to us to be a step-ahead and not be blind-sided.

As you may have read in my first blog we also have our own apartment, which means we had to go through our budget. We ran all the numbers and came up with a price range that we were comfortable with. We shopped around through multiple dealerships. Can I just say that the prices of brand new cars are getting to be ridiculous? The only way we could get the price range we wanted was to lease and we both decided that was not the route we wanted to go.

So after being discouraged from the bigger dealership, one day on our way home we decided to stop at a little pre-owned dealership. The people were extremely helpful. My fiancé’s eye was caught by a Dodge Durango. After what it seemed like hours of paperwork and them making phone calls, we got approve for a loan! We were not allowed to take the SUV home that day, but it was as good as ours. We picked up the SUV a couple days later just in time for the blizzard of 2015.

It was a little sad to leave the Mazda behind. It was one of the vehicles that helped us move into our first place. It had a more of an affect on my fiancé since it was the only car he has had. Having a newer vehicle though definitely puts my mind at ease, because my fiancé needs a reliable transportation too work. The Durango is an all wheel drive and he had absolutely had no problems getting to and coming home from work during the blizzard. This was by far a great learning experience and this is just the beginning of our major purchases.

My fiancé's Mazda.  His very first car.

My fiancé’s Mazda. His very first car.


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