Legos, Volcanos, and Cookies! Oh my! – By: Corinne

Corinne“Corineee, Santa Claus is coming to town!!!!” Being woken up at 6:30 am on a snow day by two very excited little boys is pretty awesome! Having to tell them though that just because it was snowing didn’t mean that it was Christmas again; isn’t all that awesome.

I don’t really get that excited for snow days anymore. The whole idea of being stuck in the house and finally having a reason to do all those horrible chores that grown-ups procrastinate on…. yea definitely not the way I wanted to spend the snow day at all. So of course the kiddos, and I brainstormed some fun activities and the first on the list, Legos!! Putting together Legos with a 5 and 4 year old takes patience, lots of patience. Surprisingly after only 2 hours of sore fingertips and burning eyes we had a pretty awesome team going!


Now after building I decided that we should countiue with this good mojo. The 5 year old has a Science Fair coming up and I as a nanny, wanted to make a real volcano. I some how convinced him that making a paper mache volcano could be just a cool. Both him and his little brother were so overwhelmed with the idea of possibly blowing up the house that the couldn’t stay focused, they were errupting with excitement!! The three of us got our hands dirty and the finished product was so gratifying for all of us.


My favorite part of a snow day growing up was obviously going outside to play in all the new, fluffy white snow!! This was the first year that the kids actaully appreciated the snow and all the fun things that they can do with it. We have this pretty awesome hill that sperates our yard from the road, perfect for sledding. You would think I was asking the boys to hike Mount Everest, it took us 15 minutes to trampel up our maybe 20 foot hill. But it was all worth it. Their faces tubing down were priceless! I have to say I think I may have enjoyed myself more than both kids, maybe snow days aren’t just for kids afterall! Now the big pay off after sledding is getting to sip on some nice warm hot chocolate. Call me crazy but we had to step it up a notch! So we made No-bake Cookies!


At the end of the day we were all exhausted, I don’t remember the last time the three of us were so successfully productive together. Asking both of the boys what their favorite part of the day was was great. I love hearing the excitement and enthusiam in their voices as they tell me what they enjoyed. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the first blizzard of 2015!


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