A Winter Wonderland Dream! – By: Chanty

ChantyLast Saturday we were planning on getting some wedding errands done like flower arrangement ideas, dinner, and where the wedding reception would be taking place. However, the snow unfortunately kind of compromised those ideas of making those wedding decisions. So my fiancé and I decided that we wouldn’t let the weather dampen our spirits! Over the weekend we decided to get another wedding task accomplished instead! This task, in particular was one of the more exciting events! My fiancé and I finally got our engagement photos taken!

We were not expecting to take the photos, as it was very spontaneous! The photographer, who is also in my bridal party, was supposed to be in New Hampshire, except the weather ended up keeping her home.   This engagement shoot was a little tricky do to us wanting to stick to a winter wonderland theme, since our wedding is going to be in the winter of next year.   For a while us New Englanders hadn’t seen much snow this season, so the weather we had gave us a great opportunity to take advantage of our winter wonderland theme. Thankfully it was only a couple inches of snow, unlike yesterdays (Tuesday’s) 2-3 feet. The pictures came out fantastic!! I could not be anymore happy!! There was the right amount of snow to make it dreamy.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole engagement shoot even though; at some points it was very cold and wet. For the most part the weather was perfect! Not only that, but having one of my closest friends be our photographer was so special, and even more meaningful to be able to share this experience together. I could not be more thankful to her. I have posted the pictures on social media and so far everyone has loved them. It is neat to see everyone’s opinions, even though I was contemplating on keeping them a surprise until the save the dates. I was way too excited though to keep my mouth or I guess eyes closed, so I posted them! I have started looking around just getting ideas on the save the dates. Personally I like the whole magnet idea, just because it can be a keepsake. I have not quite decided though.

Engagment Photos


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