Blizzard Pictures!! – By: The Bostonites

Hello All!

Most of you who are reading this probably know that Boston was hit with the blizzard last night and today.  We are all thankfully ok, and we still have power, as of now anyway. The weather is slowly starting to finally clear up.

Anyway, some of us took some snapshots of today, and thought “Hey why not share them?!”   So we are.  We have included a couple of food dishes and wine that we had today, for fun.  We hope that you enjoy our pictures, and once we shovel our way out, hopefully we can post another blog up soon!

We hope that everyone else is doing well!  Take care!


The Bostonites

Blizzard 2 Blizzard 4 

Blizzard 6Blizzard 7


snow-dinner   snow-wineWine-snow2Nachos-snow

Blizzard 1

Blizzard 8

Rt. 9 (usually a pretty busy road).Blizzard 3


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