Let Us Formally Introduce Ourselves – By: All The Bostonites

We wanted to let everyone know that we just added our last Bio in the “Meet The Bostonites” page who is a part of our group. Her name is Corinne. Also if no one is familiar with any of us, its a great page to check out! As it says in our home page there are 5 of us ladies altogether. We each post our own blogs. This is why it will always say who the blog is by in our title heading.

With each of us contributing our own thoughts, opinions, and going through different things, our blog will have a wide spectrum of the topics we discuss. Each of us though will probably have an individual recurring theme that may be noticed (for the most part).

Some people may wonder why we aren’t doing our own individual blog website. Well we are a group of friends that wants to positively encourage each other as a group. We want to support each other through good times, bad times, and it is a way for us to be more connected to each other. We hope that a long the way we can reach out to other people to share opinions with, and to make a positive impact to whoever may seek it.

To those that have started to follow us thank you, and for anyone who choose to follow us after reading this, thank you.

On a side note, Shelly just added an instagram.  If you would like to follow her then you can do so by checking out our website, or just add:  bostonite_shelly.  There may be other bostonites who may personally choose to add an instagram or twitter at some point, we will let you know.

Here is the website to our “Meet The Bostonites” page:


Thanks again!

The Bostonites


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