My Thoughts On Community College – By: Shelly

ShellyIn my opinion I think community colleges are sometimes overlooked, but since the last recession more people have probably attended because the cost is cheaper than other colleges. As a community college student myself, I enjoy taking classes where I go. The professors (most of them anyway) have really been awesome with teaching the material. I had this one professor, (who is my very favorite by the way) who taught a science class that I was in. She stayed with me after class sometimes for an hour. The class I was in was held at night that ended at 9, so she would stay with me until 10, or just before.

There was some algebra in the curriculum that was being taught, and I hadn’t used math in so long, and it was (still is) one of my weakest subjects. I mean I was so frustrated I had to leave the classroom to go ball my eyes out. I felt at the time really stupid. I mean I was 27, and I couldn’t do algebra that well. Yet I want to be a teacher? Talking about this just makes me teary eyed. Anyway, this teacher was an angel. She is someone who I would like to inspire to be. You could see that this Professor truly cared about her students, and wanting everyone to understand the material.

Classrooms at a community college are generally small. Most professors have the class as a whole; engage with each other. Another nice thing is that they remember your name. I feel like based on my experience the professors like to teach to everyone’s learning styles. I am a visual learner, and I learn best to when I’m interacting with others. I’m not a great auditory learner. Sitting in a class just listening is painfully dull to me.

Recently President Obama stated that he wants to make community college free to those that seek a higher education. I don’t agree with everything he stands for but that is nether here or there. I know that maybe not everyone may agree with his plan on this. However, honestly I like the idea. Here is why: I find that everyone should be educated to create a better society. If we have jobs here, we can employ people rather than having those working at a dead end job for little pay, or having to be on welfare; which our taxes dollars pay for when someone is using it. To me a community college is more like a foundation, or a stepping-stone for anyone who wants to have an education. If someone wants a bachelor’s degree they have to work for it. The government is not paying for anyone to receive his or her bachelor degree. Did you know a person can be in a scholarship program to help pay for their education when they transfer to a 4 year college, as long as they have a 3.5GPA or higher? I would know because I’m in the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, which offers this program.

The only thing I don’t agree with is Obama having people with a 2.0GPA receive free classes. To me a person should at least be getting a C+ or higher. So I would say a person should have a 2.75GPA to earn those free classes. I wouldn’t want someone to come to class, not try, and then wasting taxpayer dollars. The govt. could probably save more money if they are willing to raise the GPA. That is if the law even passes. Some people may even be more motivated to do well and reach their own potential. That is if there is a higher expectation of them. There are also other countries that provide free higher education, and are surpassing the United States education wise.

There are plenty of things I would prefer the government not to use my tax money for, but I wouldn’t mind having my tax dollars go towards someone who is striving to succeed and become educated. When I do have children of my own I would obviously want them to try their hardest, and put their best effort in so they could be eligible to receive scholarship money like my sister did. However, if for some reason they couldn’t, I wouldn’t mind if they went to a community college. Even if: I had to pay out of pocket. My own mother went to community college first then she ended up transferring to Colorado State and received her Bachelors Degree. Sometimes as a society we can’t focus on just improving ourselves. Some people are to busy looking in, rather than out. If we are able to help each other succeed, not only do we become a better person, but we can get further ahead too.


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