Vaca In Paradise, Then Back To Reality – By: Hope

Life is full of experiences-good, bad and different.  One good, great, experience for me happened right after New Years. I went to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  I was, surrounded by palm trees, the ocean, and little lizards (sometimes big ones too).  The sun felt so wonderful on my pasty pale bones, and it gave me a feeling that I had almost forgotten in these last few cold, barren months.  The smell and feel of the ocean was indescribable.


Growing up here outside of Boston, I am absolutely not used to the warm ocean water. My idea of ocean temp is maybe like 45 degrees on a hot day? Yeah, THIS ocean water was nothing close to that.  The smell was something else.  The ocean is one of the most important pieces of nature.  If it weren’t for the ocean, everything would be out of alignment.  I have a serious respect for it, and love it.  I would close my eyes and inhale deeply and listen. Usually I would be transformed to a place like where I was but thankfully, I was already there! I opened my eyes and felt at peace.

Another very important part is the wildlife and the vegetation.  I couldn’t count on my fingers and toes all the different kinds of palm-trees, spruce-trees, and so many others, and regular trees there would be.  I stopped on so many different occasions to just look at the leaves, and the bark.  Oh yeah, and avocado trees in the side yard-pretty damn sweet. Some of them were huge! Oh and the birds, oh yeah they were beautiful!! Also, noisy. 🙂  I spent about 30 minutes one day trying to catch the lizards climbing up the trees. Unfortunately, I was most unsuccessful but I feel good that I at least gave it a shot.


The food is a very, VERY serious thing.  There was fresh fruit every morning, coffee, and orange juice.  Then came the bacon, and eggs! Who could ask for anything better, seriously? Breakfast was followed by a brief time of digestion and then a quick golf cart ride to the gym.  Such a great feeling to work up a sweat, knowing that I would be wearing a bathing suit for the rest of the day. The more I could sweat, the better it would make me feel. Mentally anyway…

Some experiences are not always so good. Upon coming home from this paradise of beach and cigars, the cold was a slap in the face. Then I had a pipe burst in my building, and our apartment was a huge mess-holes. Especially in the ceiling, and walls. To top it off, the cat found a freaking mouse and literally held it in her little paws and just played with it.  We were not able to catch him and who knows now where he is, hopefully out!  I had to keep thinking about how good everything was the week prior to keep me from screaming.

Going back to work-a very different experience after being off for 10 days.  It made me think about what I truly want out of life.  I would place this in the different experience category because I did not feel the same way about my day-to-day life after vacation, I felt different.  Vacation should be a relaxing time and it absolutely was. It was also eye opening.  It made me think about different aspects about my life. What I want and what I need. Life truly has its moments.


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