Work, work, work… – By: Shelly

ShellySo anyone that has read my bio will see that I have a few job titles. I’m an Artist/Bartender at one place, Dog Walker, Nursery Supervisor, Administrative Assistant, and a Care Giver. It sounds like a lot, but I don’t work that many hours. My motto is work less; get more pay. It’s not always about the quantity of time that you put in, but the quality of the work a person is doing.

I’m really blessed that all my jobs are flexible for the most part. I ultimately decide when I want to work, which I think is rare. However, there can be cons to this too. If I’m planning on babysitting and it for some reason it gets cancelled in advance; I loose money. This Saturday I was suppose to work 13hrs. My first shift was suppose to be at the Nursery from 9-1 and yesterday I received an e-mail from my boss saying that no one signed up their children for their event. In addition there are two Art sessions I’m suppose to teach. The first one is 1-5, the second 5-10. As of right now I may not be working 5-10 because, only one person has signed up for that class. So I’m going from a 13hr workday to possibly a 4hr day. That sucks.

However, thankfully this doesn’t happen frequently. Another great thing about having so many occupations is that I’m a versatile person, who isn’t afraid of going outside of the comfort zone. I enjoy working with people, for the most part. I like making people happy, and interacting with people from all different walks of life. This is one of the many reasons I want to become a teacher. It’s so important to me that I do something that I am passionate about. Majority of people spend a good amount of their lives working who are not happy. I want to be happy.


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