Winter Break – by: Shelly

ShellyIt’s always exciting when the first semester is finished.  No more finals, no more studying , FINALLY there is a break!  Now that the holidays have passed, I’m starting to feel unproductive.  Part of that is only working part-time, and I feel as though when I’m not taking classes, I don’t have any sort of routine.  There are times where I truly feel guilty for not woking more, especially when I see my husband getting up, and getting ready for work. However, I do realize classes will start soon, and once again I will be busy.  My husband knows this and is supportive.  I think that when someone is in a relationship both parties should always be on the same page, otherwise there will only be conflict.  Before I made the choice of going to school full-time we both discussed it, and looked at the pros, and cons of the decision that I wanted to make.

When I was 18 years old I wasn’t ready for college, and I had no idea what I wanted to pursue.  There is a small part of me that regrets it.  Although, I know that if I had went when I wasn’t ready I could have pursued something I ended up not liking, and being in debt with a degree I didn’t want.  Also if I had no motivation I probably would have had a terrible GPA.

Since being with my husband I’ve actually become more motivated in my life, because at some point a person begins to realize life doesn’t revolve just around them.  If one person succeeds so does the other, and vice versa.

So while I’ve been trying not to be so guilty, I’ve been looking at other ways I could improve my life.  I’ve been reading a book on personal finance (because I know I need to improve on saving money), and I’ve also been reading a book called “The Global Achievement Gap” which focuses on the education here in America, and how it is lacking.  I’ve only have read a couple of chapters. So far  what I am learning is, is that there is a lack of critical thinking not being taught early on.  Our country is so focused on teaching to the standardized tests, that school systems are not teaching students how to think for themselves, and solve problems by coming up with different solutions, and possible outcomes.  It’s been so far a pleasure reading this book, and I hope the next time I write a blog I could give more insight on what I’ve learned reading this fabulous book.


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